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Flower Power

Flower Power

The High Street is full of flowers, and they’re not going anywhere in the Autumn and Winter months, as designers use a host of floral motifs with some using a head-to-toe look.  Small flowers, vintage style, big bold flowers.  I think, I love it. 

I have three items in my wardrobe that have flower patterns; a jacket which I bought in the Zara sale, a maxi dress which is also from Zara and a Topshop blouse, but then I remembered a pair of trousers I have in the "don't wear anymore draw”.  Does anyone else have one of those?!  You wouldn't believe the amount of clothes I horde, it’s dreadful.  I'm ebaying at the moment, just to try to get rid of something. I'm diversifying again.  Anyway back to the point.  The flower trousers came out of the drawer and... I can't get into them!!!  Grrrrrrr!  Does that mean I need a new pair?  I think it could do!!!  And there are lots, and lots.

Well!  I ventured into the High Street yesterday - Zara's at the moment are smashing it - although not everything on their website was in the shop, and it still looked like a jumble sale.  I'm loving the colours for this autumn and winter, since I've got older I'm finding I can't wear black up against my face as much so the deep dark colours are great. 

I didn't purchase anything, well tell a lie - I met Mr B for some dinner - and he treated me to the boots which are on my Insta story :) 

Here are the results of my endeavours... (click on the images to view them online).


First up is this French Connection dress on their website, it's styled with jeans underneath which I think works well.  The picture doesn't do it justice, the flower patten is very subtle, it has pockets as well...


I love the dress above, I skipped to Zara to try it on but alas they didn't have it although they did have the top version, which I didn't think I'd like.  The detail on the sleeves is lovely though, would work well with a long black skirt.


The two dresses above are out of my comfort zone.  It's lovely seeing people in short dresses especially with ankle boots, BUT with my little legs, not something that I can pull off.  For those of you blessed with long legs however, there's loads out there.


These are similar to the trousers I can’t get into any more!  I like pattern on trousers and skirts, more than on tops for me at least...


The Zara black flowery jacket is similar to the one I picked up in the sale.  I love it but it's funny a few weeks on and I'm thinking autumn already, and wishing I had a darker one.


Now this outfit I definitely don't do justice, I'm far too short...   It would be gorgeous on a tall person.  The top is a size too big as they didn't have a small size either.


Here are a couple of accessories if you prefer something a bit more subtle, there were lots of bags, shoes, boots and scarfs with flowery details on them.

Hope this has inspired you to give flowers a go :)

Thank you for reading.  Kat x

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