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World Menopause Day

World Menopause Day

Well I’m out of hospital and recovering at home as some of you will already know.  My operation was over a week ago now, that evening I eventually went down at 6pm, I would much rather have got on with it in the morning as all that waiting about was torturous!  Knowing that your fate is in someone else’s hands (not wishing to be overly dramatic or anything) is not the most fun, but it all went well. 

I’ve been very lucky so far.  Before the surgery I started taking 1000mg of Vitamin C and 15mg of Zinc.  Vitamin C helps with normal function of the immune system and nervous system and supports collagen formation (ooh love a bit collagen) for the function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, teeth and skin.  Vitamin C also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, which in my current state and advancing years can’t be a bad thing.  Since I’ve been home I’ve added Arnica 30c homeopathic tablets which help to reduce swelling and promote healing. 

Let’s talk about the menopause.  Some of you are a little way off yet, but trust me it will happen.  Something to look forward to eh.  The word ‘menopause’ is derived from Greek - ‘mĕn’ or ‘menos’ meaning ‘month’ and ‘pausis’ meaning ‘to stop’.  This fits in very well with the medical definition of menopause, which is defined as the point when monthly periods, or menstruation, finally stops.

However periods very rarely finally just stop “that would be all far too easy”.  Typically, the odd one might be missed or arrive late, periods may become heavier and less regular before ceasing completely.  The change in your periods then MAY bring on other symptoms such as such mood swings, irritability, lowering of self-confidence as well as hot flushes and night sweats.  These, and other menopausal symptoms, may be experienced for a few months or years. These symptoms as I’ve said before can quite easily been confused with just life getting on top of you. 

HRT, now this is something you need to go and talk to your doctor about, and even then you probably need to ask if there‘s someone in your practice that specialises in gynaecology, pre-menstrual.  There are so many myths around HRT.

First of all your menopause doesn’t come back when you stop taking HRT, I seem to hear this all the time.  Some women go through the it quicker than others.  If and when you stop taking HRT any symptoms that return, whatever your age, probably mean that you haven’t passed through it yet and may potentially need to take HRT for longer.  There are so many different was ways of taking of HRT too which I wasn’t aware of; gels, vaginal creams, patches, tablets and pessaries or rings.  Most women take a combination of the hormones oestrogen and progestogen, although women who don't have a womb can take oestrogen on its own.  Your GP can give you advice to help you choose which type is best for you.  You may need to try more than one type before you find one that works best. 

For about 10 years now since I had my first tumour and ovary out I’ve been taking starflower oil, 1500mg a day, which definitely helped.  I’ve also tried MenoCool Black Cohosh tablets to help with hot flushes, with some success.  I will continue to take starflower oil if I can with the HRT - need some advice on that. 

I hope that has helped in some way. 

Some helpful websites





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Thanks for reading, and all your love and support.  Henceforth fashion will resume :)

kat. Xxx

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