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Get Yo Boots On

Get Yo Boots On

Just a quick blog about boots.

I have a lot of boots, but never enough boots!  I do have some old faithfuls which I always seem to return to, namely a pair of black biker numbers, love ‘em.  This year the studded boots are out in force.  I love a biker boot with a dress or a skirt, as ever just wish I was a little bit taller.  Especially now my girls both tower over me (what was it we put in their milk?!).

So just a few to wet the appetite here, sit and browse over on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon.  The first pair are Topshop, and have just dropped to half price! ;) 

These red ones, I may have ordered..

Similar ones but in black leather.

Saw these in Nottingham yesterday and loved them.

The next three are from Zara, I need to go and try these on to see how high they come up the ankle.

Now these next leopard print ones I saw someone in last week, wearing all black with these boots on, and they looked great. They only have small sizes left.

Another red pair.

Last but by no means least, another studded and buckled pair of black leather beauties.

Thanks for reading :)

Kat. X

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Max That Mini

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